Why Indigo?

The Indigo Platinum Mastercard is an inexpensive yet powerful way to get your life under control. In addition to the low annual fee, it offers some fantastic features for the price, including:

  • No Annual Fee Urban dining can be expensive these days with all the tabs you have running around town. Having an Indigo Platinum Visa Prepaid Card has you covered with no annual fee, so money can go towards bills or other things that may be more important to you than a shiny new card every year.
  • Free Online Bill Pay You can pay bills online with the Indigo GOLD Visa prepaid card. This helps lighten your load and keep you from misplacing bills so that you can get an accurate view of your finances at all times.
  • Online Account Access With the Indigo Platinum Mastercard, you have access to all of your account information securely online. You can quickly check to see how much money you have, transfer money through a teller or into another account, and view your statements from home or wherever there is an internet connection.
  • International Transactions Not only is the Indigo Platinum Visa Prepaid Card low maintenance and inexpensive, but it also means far less hassle when dealing with other countries. This prepaid card has no foreign transaction fees, so you will be able to continue to do your business around the globe without the hassle of worrying about those high rates.
  • Location-Based Spending You won’t have to plan for your Indigo Platinum Visa Prepaid Card. Please place a new order and then pay it when you want to at any Indigo POS location, whether in New York, Paris or Sydney. The card can be used at other approved locations as well, so there are almost limitless locations where you can use this card.
  • Rewards Program The Indigo Platinum Visa Prepaid Card comes with an excellent rewards program designed for ultimate convenience. This card earns you points with every purchase, redeeming for valuable gifts, cashback, or even travel vouchers.
  • Mobile Banking You can stay on top of your spending with the Indigo Platinum Visa Prepaid Card by using mobile banking whenever you have access to a mobile phone. This allows you to see your balance without going online, so if you are out on the town and don’t have time to check your account before paying for a meal or drink, it is easy enough to do it from anywhere.
  • Security The Indigo Platinum Visa Prepaid Card comes with the highest level of security available in the form of EMV chip technology.

Am I eligible?

The Indigo Platinum Mastercard is a card that provides access to the American Express travel rewards program. The outstanding feature of this card is that it allows holders to collect points towards the reward each year. This can lead to large bonuses if you choose flights or vacation packages as your reward type. You should have had no bankruptcy or consumer proposal in the last five years in terms of credit history. You must also not have had any significant derogatory marks on your report for at least six months before your application date.

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